We offer a wide range of anti-vibration systems for commercial vehicles (buses and trucks). 

The range consists of the following primary product families of anti-vibration products:  

- Motor Mountings (conventional and hydro elastic) which limit the force (vibrations) transmitted from the engine to the chassis which would disturb passengers both acoustically and physically; 

- Suspension bushes/bushings (conventional and hydro-elastic), which connect the suspension arms or bridges to the frame or chassis in order to achieve optimum road adherence in the presence of stress such as acceleration, braking, cornering, etc… Overall comfort is thereby improved by limiting the vibrations induced by the road surface and by reducing the transmission of these vibrations to the chassis.  
- Shock absorbers, whose function is similar to that of the suspension bushings/bushes,  are elastic joints located between the total spring shock absorbers and the chassis. Other important types of anti-vibration systems are the exhaust and radiator supports, bushings for stabilizer bars, stop buffers  and various other supports.