In our stock you can find the full range of Firestone AIRPICKERS. In these systems, the rubber expands in such a way as to grip even the most fragile objects safely.

The products of years of development, AIRPICKERS® and AIRGRIPPERS™ end effectors combine pneumatic pressure control with the physical attributes of rubber. The result is an innovation that can give robotics or mechanical handling systems an important degree of touch and allow products to be handled securely and gently.

By simply varying the air pressure in the AIRPICKER or AIRGRIPPER, it adjusts itself to the shape and diameter of the object to be picked and/or lifted up. This is particularly useful during the moving of fragile objects or objects of a particular shape, to which the rubber membrane adapts itself perfectly.



-       Conform to any shape

-       Multiple sizes handled with one gripper

-       Delicate handling

-       High load capacity

-       Non marring contact

-       Wide size range

-       No lubrication required

-       Low cost

-       Long life in a dusty enviroment