Pneumatic suspensions also have an Industrial application.


They are used as pneumatic isolators to isolate sensitive equipments from vibrations and to protect the environment from the oscillations produced by the machines.


Some  of their main applications are: lasers, ventilators, holographs, generator sets, forging hammers, industrial machinery etc..


They extend  the equipment life with their superior isolating capacities.

In the pneumatic field, however, they are used as “pneumatic actuators” and replace pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Some of their typical applications are as follows: large area presses, cone presses, conveyors, fixing devices, automobile balancing equipments, paper mill machineries and machineries for the textile industry, industrial laundries, automobile lifters, packaging machines.


They do not have any internal bars or pistons or sliding gaskets which may require maintenance and lubrication.

Their design allows them to be used for the types of application where dirt and dust would destroy the seals of traditional cylinders.

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