We offer the full Marsh Mellow® Firestone range and we are the sole distributors of this product in Italy.

The Marsh Mellow replace the old metal springs  for years used in the Industrial applications. The basic construction of the Marsh Mellow® spring includes a solid rubber core with a hollow  centre, and fabric reinforced body. The controllable variables of this construction are the keys to the extreme design flexibility that the spring offers.

Advantages of Firestone Marsh Mellow ® springs:

-       Constant Vibration Isolation with changing loads

-       High load carrying capacity

-       Excellent vibration isolation

-       Lateral vibration isolation

-       Compact overall size

-       Corrosion resistant for a durable long life

-       Eliminates downtime and potential damage to machinery

-       Increased stability at higher percentages of compression

-       Effective noise reduction

-       Low cost

-       Maintenance free


Some of the applications are: bin hopper, compressor, blower and motor, vibrating screen.